Socrates AI Announces Product Offer to Maximize Labor Day Adoption, ServiceNow for Businesses

Socrates AI Helps Businesses Reduce Repeat Case Volume by 50% in Three Months

WOODSIDE, Calif. – June 6, 2022 – (

Socrates AI, a leading ROX (return on experience) platform, announced a new product offer today for companies using Workday and ServiceNow. The pre-packaged product offer includes the top 50 use cases where employees ask for help or are stuck on Workday and ServiceNow. The goal is to increase user usage of Workday and ServiceNow and provide a consistent, communication experience. Businesses are experiencing over a 50% reduction in the case volume of high -frequency recurring requests within three months of implementation. The pre-packed offer can be implemented within 6-8 weeks with minimal resource requirement by the customer.

“Nothing has really changed in HR applications and content systems in the last 20 years,” said Melissa Swisher, chief revenue officer at Socrates AI. “People’s use of information is different now. End users are still not fully embracing the technologies, creating an endless cycle of repetitive cases that create productivity drains.”

Both Workday and ServiceNow have bots, but the solutions are limited to the individual systems themselves and cannot support cross-application functionality that creates a non-integrated user experience. Socrates provides real-time, single answers via an omni-channel experience between ServiceNow, Workday and other platforms such as Slack, Microsoft Teams or text message.

“We enable a consistent front end user experience for your employees through an AI-powered, consumer-like interface,” Swisher says. “They get answers to questions and the ability to complete do’s and don’ts and updates, while maximizing your current investment in critical business systems like Workday and ServiceNow. “

Employers interested in learning more are encouraged to request a demo with the team.

About Socrates AI

Socrates is an enterprise grade employee experience platform and not a toolkit that delivers a place to go for anything an employee wants to ask or do from any digital channel such as MS Teams, Slack, company intranet or text messaging. Socrates automatically processes all enterprise -supporting content sources and responds to queries with a single answer as opposed to endless search results.

Socrates saves people time by giving them conversational responses as opposed to speaking in policy and legalese. Socrates integrates with many systems, applications, bots and knowledge repositories. Socrates personalizes the individual experience creating user satisfaction while eliminating repetitive service center cases.

Since launching in 2017, has raised more than $ 31 million in funding from leading venture capital firms and was named Gartner “Cool” Vendor, CIO Magazine’s Top-10 Virtual Assistant Solution Provider and Business Insider’s Hot Startup . Socrates won the 2021 and 2022 HR Tech Awards for Core HR Innovative Tech Solutions, 2021 Best Saas Enterprise from the Cloud Awards and 2022 Globee Disruptor Award. They recently announced a partnership to support Mercer’s Mercer Belong Product ( and Mercer Partner to Improve the Employee Experience).

To learn more, visit and follow @SocratesAI on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Socrates AI Announces Product Offer to Maximize Labor Day Adoption, ServiceNow for Businesses

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