Stocks May Finally Pivot On August 17, 2022

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Stocks finished the day slightly higher after giving up some decent-sized gains. The S&P 500 traded as high as 4,325 which came within 1 point of the 200-day moving average; this should trigger the seller’s waiting algos. The index fell sharply, actually went a little negative. But the index stabilized around 4290 but closed higher by 19 bps at 4305.

In addition to the 200-day moving average, there is a significant downtrend, and the RSI is now above 73. The technicals are very overbought, and at this point, I’m just waiting for the 10-day exponential moving average break, and when it does, I think the sell-off that follows will be pretty fierce.

Again, I still think we see the 3,950 region in the S&P 500, which would now serve as the 61.8% retracement.


Tomorrow is an important day as there will be a VIX options expiration at 9 AM, which should lead to some more free movement in the VIX. Then at 2 PM, the FOMC minutes will be released, which should get a lot of attention. The FOMC minutes are usually a selling new event. It could always be different, but it seems that max dovishness has already been priced into equities, so it’s hard for me to imagine that the minutes could read more dovish. If history repeats itself, tomorrow could serve as a pivot, not for the Fed, but for stock prices.


There are already parts of the equity market that seem stuck. ARKK peaked on August 10 and was unable to participate in this rally. The RSI is very close to breaking its uptrend, indicating that the bullish bias is over.


AMD did not participate in this rally and was stuck around $100 for several days. Currently, the 10-day exponential moving average is supporting AMD. I expect support to be broken and shares to drop back to $85.40.

ServiceNow (NOW)

ServiceNow has tried to break out and, up to this point, failed at the top of its trading channel.

Bitcoin (BTC)

Meanwhile, Bitcoin continues to creep closer to the edge as its price and RSI approach their respective uptrends. This can be important because if Bitcoin breaks, it can work to send a risk-off signal to the markets in general.

Anyway, let’s see what happens tomorrow.


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