SupportLogic Channel Chief Talks SaaS, New Partner Program, More

Additionally, he featured the company’s recent $ 50 million in Series B funding to expand its support experience platform.

Dave Feliu is relatively new to his position as channel chief at SupportLogic, a company that created technology to predict and prevent customer growth. Feliu has over 20 years of channel experience. Since he took on the SupportLogic role in October, he no longer wastes time building, as he describes, a “boutique” partner initiative.

Dave Feliu is SupportLogic

Dave Feliu is SupportLogic

Feliu launched the Partner Experience Plus, or PX+ program, which provides a “white glove approach” to building partnerships. In three months, the company has acquired seven new partners and plans to reach 20 by the end of the year. As Feliu puts it, “I really want them to feel that they are being noticed. And over the years, I’ve found it gets harder to do when your organization is bigger. So we have a lot to do with fewer, more focused partners that we can actually work with every day. ”

SupportLogic’s current partners include CSS Corp., a global customer experience (CX) company, and Arcsona, which helps financial institutions use big data.

SupportLogic provides customers with a support experience platform, one that integrates its software with companies such as Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Slack and Microsoft Teams. They have relationships with big players, but SupportLogic executives still call the five -year -old company a startup. Last October, SupportLogic secured $ 50 million in Series B funding to expand technology that, in key terms, helps contact centers, or support centers, understand data piles. The company will also use the money to hire sales, marketing, engineering and product departments, as well as for R&D, Feliu said. Additionally, it will use the funding to support marketing efforts to further establish the support experience (SX) category.

What has SupportLogic done since it was founded? Typically, this has helped companies like Snowflake, Nutanix, Databricks, and Fivetran reduce overall contact center increase by 40%. Case review time dropped by 65% ​​and operating costs saw a 35% reduction for some of these companies. Their clients experience a 25% reduction in churn.

What makes SupportLogic unique among other companies that provide AI -powered software support? Feliu discusses this. He also discusses how the pandemic has influenced the company, and why SupportLogic technology is useful in both retaining customers and employees.

Channel Futures: What is the difference of SupportLogic compared to other companies in the SaaS space?

Dave Feliu: SupportLogic is really the first of its kind. We are creating our own category as the first support experience management platform. This means we use AI, machine learning, and natural language processing (NPL) to extract signals from customer interactions. We then predict with great precision which cases will increase. So, when it comes to the support experience, historically very little has been seen in the customer’s voice. That’s what we’re solving now.

In the world of support, the cost per ticket varies with each company. It could be two hundred dollars or two thousand dollars. If companies are experiencing 20% ​​-40% of their cases rising, it becomes incredibly costly. Also, it can potentially damage their reputation.

CF: On the company’s website, it says there are more than 30 signals that your AI models look for to determine increases. What are some of those signs?

DF: Our AI models will look for things like a rush. This will identify different words and phrases that will help the model determine if a customer is likely to churn or if a customer is likely to multiply. It’s not just flagging words; it also looks at context. Just because someone says “angry” doesn’t make it an angry customer. Again we read the ticket in near real time. When I say near real time, I mean the ticket is…

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