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Good morning! Job layoffs are an unfortunate result of an economic downturn, but some companies are making it even harder. Pro tip: This is avoidable. And in a TikTok world, Reddit’s chief product officer has a new plan to scale one of the very first major social platforms. Happy Monday! Let’s go.

Don’t be Coinbase

Deletions and hiring hurt no matter what happens. But some companies make a difficult process even worse by letting employees spin in the air. Coinbase is a textbook example of what not to do, but there are ways to communicate decisions that won’t damage your reputation with current employees and new recruits.

Coinbase started recently void job offers of new hires via email. The company had earlier said it plans to triple its workforce after its Q1 earnings. But soon after, it announced a hiring freeze as fears of a crypto winter lasted.

  • Coinbase told new hires they would not be affected by the hiring stop. “We remain strong on the long -term future of crypto and Coinbase’s position in the ecosystem,” the company told them, according to a email from the company posted on Blind.
  • Last week, Coinbase changed its mind on new hires. Prospective employees get a month’s worth of severance, according to another email posted in Blind.

Releasing bad news gradually is morally hurtful -especially when employees are told there is nothing to worry about, says Harvard Business School professor Sandra Sucher, who wrote “The Power of Trust: How Companies Build It, Lose It, Regain It.”

  • He told me that backpedaling in new hires and hiring projections can leave people in fear of what might happen next. In the case of Coinbase, those could be deletions.
  • “People who are still there are uncomfortable and nervous about what’s going to happen to them, even if they haven’t been fired,” Sucher said.
  • Coinbase did not say if the layoffs were on the cards. But the tech industry as a whole has seen layoffs of thousands the employeesand crypto companies are not saved.

The way these decisions are announced affects a company’s long-term reputation. “Any mystery around these questions is translated into the media answering the question for you or the employees who make your reputation for you,” said Ashley Stahl, who hosts a career advice podcast called and “Turn around,” I was told.

Sucher said companies should eliminate difficult calls instead of letting workers wait and wonder when the hammer will fall. “If you don’t do that, it’s death by a thousand deductions,” he said.

Sarah Roach (email | kaba)

The new Reddit product philosophy

Reddit Chief Product Officer Pali Bhat has big ambitions for the platform. He has spent more than a decade at Google, and is used to working great. But in developing new features or updates for the “internet front page,” Bhat is not just a Reddit executive. He is also a long time user.

Reddit’s first chief product officer thinks like an “OG Redditor.” The platform relies on Redditors for almost everything, from inputting new features to moderating content.

  • Bhat just announced a set of guidelines for how to develop those new features with users ’expectations in mind.
  • The guidelines are Simple, Universal, Performant, Excellent and Relevant (or SUPER), and they are designed to make Reddit easier and faster to use for current users and more accessible by people who haven’t used them yet. of the platform previously.
  • The enticing acronym guides the company’s upcoming features, including translating posts into more languages ​​and tweaking the site’s video player.

Reddit’s goal is to create “self -supporting communities.” Usually, the idea is that no one has to leave Reddit to be entertained or find out.

  • Every social media company strives to keep users engaged with their platforms, but Bhat thinks Reddit can do it best.
  • “We want to enable those real conversations to happen any way you want them to happen,” Bhat told me.
  • Bhat’s Reddit X team is developing features to enable live conversations, among other new ways for users to interact, as part of its work on hard bets.

Reddit has come a long way. Hiring the chief product officer after 16 years is an example. Another is the anti -harassment measures that the company has finally put in place in recent years.

  • But keeping the platform available also relies on thousands of moderators keeping the site safe, Bhat said.
  • Although Reddit has site-wide rules and a team to enforce them, controlling abuse and misinformation rests largely on the shoulders of Reddit’s thousands of subreddit moderators.
  • “Communities have standards and practices that they enforce,” Bhat told me. “Think of that as 100,000 additional layers of moderation.”

Those self-contained communities now get 500 million monthly active users. But Bhat thinks Reddit still has room to grow. “We are one of the largest, and one of the most relevant, platforms on the web,” Bhat told me. “It’s not often that you can work on a product that has 500 million users, and think, ‘We can really grow it to reach more users.'”

-Nat Rubio-Licht (email | kaba)


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People are talking

Joe Biden there were a few chosen words for Elon Musk’s “super bad feeling” about the economy:

  • “Lots of luck on his journey to the moon.”
New York State legislator Anna Kelles stressed that the new crypto mining bill is “not a ban”:
  • “It would be wonderful for people to just read it, but it often ends up in an interpretation based on emotions.”

Jacqui Canney of ServiceNow said the company is not changing its payment strategy:

  • “We try to stay a level head, be knowledgeable, constantly review the market and take the steps we need to take when we need to take them.”

Coming this week

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In other news

Tesla cuts 10% of workers’ wages, Elon Musk told employees Friday. He previously said he had a “super bad feeling” about the economy.

China’s investigation into Didi might finally over this week, sources told The Wall Street Journal.

New York passed a “right to repair” bill which would require manufacturers selling “digital electronic products” within state borders to make their tools, parts and instructions available for repair to consumers and independent stores.

The crypto scammer makes the bank. They have pocketed more than $ 1 billion in crypto since the beginning of 2021, and an FTC report indicates that the problem is only growing.

The CEO salary gap has worsened in the early stages of startups. The wage gap between female and male chief executives is worse now than in 2019.

Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter has removed a regulatory hurdle. There will be no antitrust review, so now the deal is pending routine closing conditions, including a stockholder vote and other regulatory approvals.

Finding electric car chargers on a road trip is a severe pain. Just ask this Wall Street Journal reporter, who drove from New Orleans to Chicago in an EV.

Dave Clark is leaving Amazon as head of global consumerism. Clark has spent more than two decades with the company.

Rish Tandon joined Meta as VP of engineering for the remote presence team. He last worked at Microsoft as corporate VP for Teams engineering.

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