The top 25 companies to work with in the UK

A good boss is more important for tech workers in the UK than their salary level or balance in their work-life, according to research from Glassdoor.

The employer-profiler has compiled a list of the top employment companies in the UK, with 9 tech-based companies featuring in the top 25.

The companies were ranked with anonymous input from 2.2 million employees in the UK who answered questions about their boss, work environment and salary. However, senior leadership quality proved to be the most important driver of employee satisfaction, according to the report, with respondents citing supportive, approachable flexible bosses as key to their reasons for staying in their companies.

The top tech firm on the list is US-software vendor ServiceNow, which has offices in Staines. Awin’s marketing platform, database management firm MongoDB and infrastructure provider Soft Cat are the only other tech firms to make it into the top ten, even Salesforce, which is probably the most well -known tech firm on the list, came on the 21st.

“The pandemic broke traditional governance rules, and the leaders who embraced this change saw their companies thrive,” said Lauren Thomas, the Glassdoor economist who compiled the list. “Inspirational senior leadership is a hallmark of a united company with an engaged, motivated and happy workforce. Employers on Glassdoor’s list of top companies for senior leadership have fostered a culture of support, friendliness and flexibility and are unique for their transparent management approach. “

The more negative side of management was also discussed in the research, that workers were twice as likely to talk about their company’s leadership when it was difficult. Glassdoor has provided a list of terms to look for when looking at a potential new employer – the advice is to look at a company’s broader culture, not just the specific office or region and see if there are any employee accounts of bullying, micro-management, profanity or negligence from senior management. ‘Directionless’, ‘disconnection’ and ‘unappreciative’ are also terms to watch out for.

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