ThoughtSpot & Matillion for Enabling Fast Delivery of Insights

ThoughtSpot, the Modern Analytics Cloud company, and Matillion, the leading enterprise cloud data integration platform today announced their joint partnership to provide data model templates and Live Analytics to help data teams work in the cloud to get up-to-date data insight in minutes. Organizations can use ThoughtSpot SpotApps, prebuilt solutions for specific use cases powered by Matillion’s data modification platform, to speed up valuation time and give more users access to the data they need. nila.

Companies of all sizes struggle to turn insights into their dynamic, distributed, and diverse data, and those insights into actions. Data pipelines developed over the past decade have failed to deliver the agility, flexibility, or intuitiveness required by modern businesses. Typically, the cloud data migration solution involves manual data retrieval and preparation, a code-intensive process that is complex and time-consuming. This is exacerbated by intensive, complex analytics platforms that require deep specialization to dig insights from this data when on this cloud platform. Data teams need to be able to quickly ingest, modify, and empower their entire organization to analyze data to meet business demands. Together, ThoughtSpot and Matillion reduce the development time needed to build data pipelines and launch new analytics use cases, helping business users easily access data and provide allow data engineers to focus on more complex data projects.

Matillion’s low-code/no-code ELT templates by Shared Jobs solve this problem, offering users a cloud-native tool to retrieve, migrate, and transform data from any source, while ThoughtSpot makes it possible for anyone to review this data via search and AI. With Matillion, ThoughtSpot users can transfer data directly to their data cloud platform and quickly prepare it for analytics. Once the data is available, ThoughtSpot’s guided SpotApp configuration process makes it easy for users to stand up to new Live Analytics usage scenarios in seconds. SpotApps simplifies setting up and running with use case templates for the most common SaaS applications such as ServiceNow, HubSpot, Okta, Google Analytics, and more with out -of -the -box based worksheets, tables, and Worksheets and ThoughtSpot Modeling Language (TML). Liveboards.

“Before building our modern data stack in Matillion, Snowflake, and ThoughtSpot, Sargento spent a lot of time preparing data and manually reporting in Excel. We started on a mission to find the best breed of cloud-first analytics solution to get the business with the most value from the massive amount of data we have in front of us, ”explains Travis Lehn, Senior Manager of Data and Analytics to Sergeant Foods, Inc. “After a rigorous selection process, we ultimately selected a stack that measures analytics in our business and provides self-service capabilities to our diverse user base.”

“ThinkSpot’s experience layer capabilities empower anyone who uses search and AI to discover great business insights using Live Analytics and the perfect pairing for data acquisition, innovation, and readiness. Matillion delivers at the ELT layer, ”said Kuntal Vahalia, SVP of Worldwide Channel and Alliances.“ Through this partnership, we dramatically reduce the stress and headaches of building data pipelines and launching new use cases of analytics, speeding up the time for our customers to value their data consumption and modern data stack journeys. ”

“Modern data teams today are burdened with maintaining, moving, and preparing data to perform analytics. Matillion and Thoughtspot lighten the load using low code and no code templates to speed up the time with insights, ”said Ciaran Dynes, Chief Product Officer at Matillion. “Now, data teams can focus on innovation to use data for advanced use cases to advance the business.”

Any joint customer of ThoughtSpot and Matillion can launch a new use case in just minutes by simply accessing certified ELT templates for SpotApps through ThoughtSpot’s Data Workspace or the Matillion Exchange. To learn more and to request access to this solution, visit

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