VIAVI Announces ApexNow, an App Integration between VIAVI Observer Apex and ServiceNow ITOM

Viavi Solutions today announced the availability of ApexNow, an app integration between VIAVI Observer Apex and ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM) and Telecommunications Service Operations Management. ApexNow gives IT teams instant access to VIAVI’s patented End User Experience (EUE) scoring model, which further speeds up identification, analysis, and problem solving for users of the Observer and the ServiceNow Platform. The Observer ApexNow application is now available from the ServiceNow Store.

According to the State of the Network survey from VIAVI, NetOps and SecOps teams manage the new work-from-anywhere paradigm and support the ascent to unified communication, all while taking into account a skill gap . The ApexNow application allows technicians with varying levels of training to quickly isolate issues by network, server, application or client domain, or by physical location. The VIAVI EUE Score is based on a machine learning process that provides insight into the root cause of the breakdown to allow an automated remediation process to be performed using the power of the ServiceNow Platform.

“Businesses are grappling with increasing network complexity and security threats while faced with a labor and skills gap. They need to give their workers intuitive tools that will speed up identifying and resolving issues from anywhere, ”said Rohit Batra, head of telecommunications, media and technology products at ServiceNow. “The integration of the VIAVI EUE Score into the ServiceNow platform is a superb example of user friendliness and efficiency, enabling our joint customers to stay ahead of IT and service issues.”

“Over the past year, VIAVI and ServiceNow have worked together to allow our customers to use our integrated technologies and enhanced product capabilities in ways that change the game in day-to-day operations,” he said. by Chris Labac, Vice President and General Manager, Network Performance Solutions and Threats, VIAVI. “The integration of the ApexNow App is a visible result of this, forming a meaningful partnership and a focus on bringing influential innovations to our customers.”

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