What If Trump’s Mob Succeeds In Their Mission?

What if?
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As of January 6ika As the House Select Committee hearings continue, let me pose a hypothetical question: What would have happened if Trump’s angry mob had succeeded in arresting Vice President Mike Pence and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi – and perhaps many Democratic members of Congress?

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Did President Donald Trump order his mob to “stand up and stand up?” What to do you think?

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Trump’s Angry Mob

We know, of course, that after hours of delays in which Trump’s angry mob stormed the Capitol, disrupted Congress ’counting of votes in the presidential election, and arrived within seconds when most cornered representatives and senators including the Speaker and Vice President. Trump finally ordered his mob to disperse.

For weeks Trump helped plan his troops’ attack on the Capitol, and at the rally on the morning of the attack he urged them to march on Congress and “fight like hell.” He enjoyed calling himself a “president during the war,” and in his last days in office, he actually led his troops.

After trying everything else-from bringing in more than sixty failed lawsuits, trying to persuade Republican-controlled state legislatures to replace presidential electors, compiling lists of fake voters, and trying to hold Vice President Mike Pence in refusing to count the votes in the battleground states election that Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden won, Trump played his last card. He sent his storm-troopers.

He even told them he would go on a walk to the Capitol, but instead went back inside the White Houe where he could watch the raid on TV. The wartime president really!

Let’s go back a minute to stock up. It will certainly not be a peaceful visit by tourists to the country’s capital. Led by about 300 Proud Boys, the mob was able to enter the building. Do all these conquerors have the same purpose?

Certainly many of them are hoping to interfere with the counting of votes in the presidential election. Some may have actually intended to hang Mike Pence and perhaps kill Nancy Pelosi as well. Now, here’s a question for you: Suppose a contingent of Proud Boys, Oath-keepers, and Three Percenters cornered a few dozen Democratic Representatives and Senators.

It just is think about it about there. Imagine if you or your spouse were trapped by an angry mob screaming for your blood?

If Trump’s mob had succeeded in their mission, they could have actually doubled the Bolsheviks ’invasion of Winter Place, which led to the ouster of the czar in 1917. In this case, the mob could have overthrown our democracy and made them dear. who is chief president for life.

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