What to expect from Snowflake Summit 2022

It doesn’t snow very often in Las Vegas – and when it rains, it’s usually on the surface nearby Mount Charlestonsitting majestically at about 12,000 feet as it does.

Looking for ice particles at slightly lower altitudes this summer, the Computer Weekly Developer Network will go with the group Snowflake Summit 2022 in Las Vegas, staged from June 13-16.

Often thought of as a company with specific capabilities in fully managed SaaS-based data warehouse, data lake, data engineering, data science, data marketplace and data application development… Snowflake these days prefers to just call its own cloud data company.

The company’s core technology proposal states that Snowflake’s Data Cloud works to unite, discover and securely share siled data and to execute diverse analytic workloads.

Speakers included Frank Slootman, chairman and CEO of Snowflake along with Benoit Dageville, co-founder and president of products, Christian Kleinerman in his role as SVP for the product and Allison Lee, senior director of engineering.

Amp It Up

CEO Slootman has led the three companies through successful IPOs and he was previously at ServiceNow. He also recently released a book (Amp It Up) to make Amazon charts.

The Snowflake Summit will feature four Industry Data Cloud overview sessions, six industry executive panels and sessions tailored for specific industries. A new ‘Industry Zone’ in the expo hall will invite attendees to discover new customer stories, explore new use cases and meet other industry peers to work within the collaboration workshop.

Celebrity inspirational event speakers include American free-solo rock climber and adventurer, Alex Honnold.

A regular on the tech trade show speaker circuit, Honnold’s probably reckless narration about his climbs and climbs in El Capitan is actually quite enticing and compelling, it was a worthwhile session to attend to clean up. the palette before more data science goodness.

The event will also draw attention to keynote speakers and will deliver a variety of breakout sessions, technical certification, hands-on lab, a developer zone, industry experts and other sessions centered around collaboration around of data.

Announcement statements

The announcements and sessions at the Snowflake Summit will show how Snowflake works to deliver a mission it says will empower data scientists and developers to collaborate on data, allowing them to create new products and apps. which will help in the promotion of business in the cloud.

Snowflake will also announce 2022 Data Driver Rewards event winners.

“The Snowflake Summit is the premier event for data innovators in the industries to share, learn, collaborate, and inspire,” said Denise Persson, chief marketing officer at Snowflake. “From high-level insights to best implementation practices, the breadth of information will stimulate business and career growth, with data collaboration as the key driver in unlocking new potential.”

Persson and this team noticed the company’s first in-person summit since 2019-for obvious reasons related to Covid-19-but the company has been doing some personal events recently, it was “Data for Breakfast”Series.

Notes right from Snowlake are below:

Developers: Connect and learn from developers who develop their Data Cloud applications, including a keynote of developer -focused applications. Attend technical sessions and real-life demos in the Dev Zone. Show off your coding skills, learn something new, and win awesome swag!

Data engineers: Learn from other data engineers how to optimize your practice, simplify and improve your data pipelines, and explore new possibilities for modern data engineering. Watch demos, hang out in the Dev Zone and try out three hands-on labs on data engineering and pipelines tracks.

The theme of the event itself is “The World of Data Collaboration” – a guide from the company itself is also included here – and the hashtag of the event is #SnowflakeSummit.

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