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Women in AI pays tribute in Australia and New Zealand to leading women in various industries who have committed to excellence using artificial intelligence.

The finalists for the 2022 Women in AI Awards, were announced yesterday on International Women’s Day.

Women working in industry, government, universities, research institutes, start-ups and NGOs are all eligible and judged based on criteria including innovation, leadership, potential impact, and the ability for the AI ​​solution to provide of social good for the community.

Award categories include AI in health, mining, law, finance, agribusiness, cyber security, education, defense and intelligence, infrastructure, manufacturing, creative industry, sports, climate, and change.

Digital Nation Australia is a media partner of the Women in AI Awards 2022, and recently spoke with Professor Kerryn Butler-Henderson director of digital health at RMIT University, lead partner of the awards about how AI is transforming the health.

According to Butler-Henderson, while AI is not new to health, he has seen change in how it is used in the sector.

“AI has been used to look at imaging, to pick up things that the human eye may not have detected, but we are now also seeing AI being used, for example, telehealth, to be able to automate some of that process at the beginning of telehealth consultations, to ensure that our patients have a seamless telehealth experience and have faster interaction with clinicians, whereas previously they may have needed a long weather, ”he said.

“AI is also being used in health to get bigger data to provide more meaningful insights about our health and our wellness. And this will lead to greater innovation for the treatment of diseases, for the ability to support people with their health and their wellness journeys, and the ability to help our workers provide relatively high -quality, meaningful care. our people. ”

Digital Nation Australia also spoke with Elisha Grace Harrington, senior director in the chief innovation office at ServiceNow, another leading partner of the awards. He described how AI disrupted financial services.

“The use of these sophisticated techniques is really well placed in the areas of due diligence, process and fraud, because you can run, and train machine learning datasets to capture these key indicators and also alert if where there could be false positives as well. So definitely in fraud and identity management, this is an area of ​​application that is definitely very transformative. “

The categories in which achievements in the Women in AI awards will be recognized include speech, image and video recognition, autonomous objects, natural language processing, communication agents, prescriptive modeling, virtual and increased creativity, smart automation, advanced simulation and more.

The awards will be held at an invitation-only Gala Dinner at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne on 31 March. The biggest awards of the evening include the Australia-New Zealand WAI Innovator of the Year Award and the new WAI Trailblazer Award.

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