Women We Admire Top 50 Pennsylvania Women Leaders for 2022

Women We Admire is pleased to announce The Top 50 Women Leaders of Pennsylvania for 2022. Pennsylvania, a state with a rich history, is home to countless women with unique and notable accomplishments in industries including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, mining, banking, and more. Over the centuries, thousands of women have contributed greatly to Pennsylvania’s social, economic, political, and cultural wealth. This year’s awardees are following in their footsteps making great strides for women to come.

Among this year’s awardees are Tina Nixon, Vice President of Mission Effectiveness and Chief Diversity Officer of UPMC Central PA, who led a cultural awareness education series focused on the unique needs and perspectives of different cultures in the organization; Felicity Williams, Deputy Chief of Staff to the Mayor for the City of Pittsburgh, who spearheaded economic development programs and worked to increase Black voter engagement throughout the city; and Paralee Knight, Vice President of Community Relations in Wells Fargo’s Social Impact and Sustainability Group, who manages stakeholder relations and oversees programs to drive team member engagement for the firm.

This year’s awardees span a wide range but remain equally focused on the individuals and markets they serve. Please join us in celebrating the accomplishments of The Top 50 Women Leaders of Pennsylvania for 2022.

Paralee Knight (Wells Fargo Foundation), Chatón T. Turner (UPMC), Cynthia Hayes Karcher (Merrill Lynch Wealth Management), Tina L. Nixon (UPMC Central PA), Mary Dickerson (Radian), Brooke Pierce (Leidos Health Group), Vanessa Smith (ServiceNow), Felicity Williams (City of Pittsburgh), Leslie Gillin (Pagaya), Christina Mazzella (Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine), Rashmi Radhakrishnan (Arcadia University), Meghan Oakes (FIS), Ryan Gibboney (Juniata College), Stephanie Metkus (Korres), Eileen Coyne (Imagine360), Courtney Kelly Peters (FreedomPay), Mary Pao (ANI Pharmaceuticals), Cara Schlie (RedSail Technologies), Sue Meitner (Centennial Lending Group), Melissa Richards (Verland), Julie Charlestein ( Premier Dental Products Company), Stacy Mecham (Navigating Cancer), Ciora Thomas (Sisters PGH), CJ Bachmann (1SEO Digital Agency), Sarah Herrmann (Juno Search Partners), Lauren Rawlings (ZRG), Katie Moore Sobuto (Hamilton Lane), and much more.

To view the full list, visit https://alumnispotlight.com/2022/08/08/the-top-50-university-alumni-in-real-estate-of-2022/

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