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Zoho, the global technology company, today launched the Zoho Africa Digital Enabler package in Nigeria to help small businesses take steps towards digital transformation.

The company, which grew by 74% last year in Nigeria, also announced that it will open an office in Lagos and hire more employees locally for customer-facing roles (no date has been announced yet).

The announcements were made on the sidelines of the company’s first user conference in the country — Zoholics Nigeria — held at Sheraton Lagos’ Four Points.

“As part of the‘ transnational localism ’strategy on which our growth is regionally based, we bring our global expertise to support the creation of self-sufficient economic clusters,” said Hyther Nizam, President, Zoho MEA of Zoholics Nigeria. “We started by offering our products at local pricing, hiring locally and now by opening an office here to meet our growing customer base, even as we continue to grow our partner network in the country. Furthermore, the Zoho Africa Digital Enabler package is designed to give micro and small businesses a segue into digital transformation.

Zoho Africa Digital Enabler package

The Zoho Africa Digital Enabler package aims to help small businesses with up to five employees start their digital journey.

This package introduced at Zoholics Nigeria will give new Zoho users a collection of 10 top apps at 50% discount starting July 1, 2022 for three months:

Zoho Workplace: Zoho Workplace is a unified platform that combines collaboration, productivity, and communication tools and integrates them with other business processes. Centered on its secure business email (Zoho Mail), team chat (Zoho Cliq), and online office suite (Zoho Writer, Zoho Sheet, Zoho Show, and Zoho WorkDrive), Zoho Workplace features eight tightly integrated apps available by hybrid teams. finish the job and easily collaborate with each other. The platform also includes video conferencing (Zoho Meeting), an enterprise townhall (Zoho Connect), AI-based search (Zia Search) and other security and administrative tools, allowing businesses to communicate and collaborate effectively in a hybrid environment. Zoho Workplace is the most popular Zoho offering in Nigeria.

Bigin: Bigin, a pipeline-centric CRM, is specifically designed to help MSMEs track their customers and improve customer relationships without having to worry about high costs or complex features.

It can be set up in 30 minutes, with options to create multiple pipelines with customizable stages based on the company’s operating style.

Users can make or receive calls from within the system and have context information ready.

Recurring tasks can be automated, and prospects can be contacted via email, web forms, online meetings and Twitter. It also provides contextual dashboards to help businesses have an overview of their sales.

Bigin integrates with popular third-party business apps, such as Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Zoom, Mailchimp, etc.

Zoho Invoice: With Zoho Invoice, businesses can create and send customized invoices, manage multiple projects, track time, and bill customers accurately.

They can also improve their cash flow by automatically sending payment reminders to customers, and get paid faster online via debit/credit cards and PayPal. Moreover, businesses can record and track expenses simply by scanning their expense receipts.

They will also be able to track the tax levied on each transaction, allow customers to view their invoices, projects, and pay through a self-service portal.

Businesses will have complete visibility of their finances with access to 30+ real-time reports on metrics such as best-selling products, pending payments, and more. Zoho Invoice is available for free, worldwide.

Businesses can combine Zoho Invoice and Bigin to sync customer information and items, thus eliminating the need to enter excess information.

They can also be integrated contextually into Zoho Workplace applications for increased collaboration and productivity. Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices are available for all products.

Businesses using the Zoho Africa Digital Enabler package will have access to the standard support available to them. That allows access to the knowledge base, community forums, a self-service portal, email support and remote assistance.

It also includes live chat support and telephonic support during business hours five days a week.

“For small businesses, enterprise technology is prohibitively priced and inaccessible,” Nizam said. “We want to remove the barrier to the use of technology and help them begin their journey in digital transformation, which in turn will help them stay agile and quickly adapt to changing market conditions. The products are available at local pricing, which helps businesses avoid cost changes due to the fluctuating value of the dollar, which is beneficial in the current turbulent economy. We hope Nigerian businesses can take advantage of this plan and accelerate their growth through the use of cloud technology. ”

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