AI co -workers will work with more people in 2025: report

AI co -workers will work with more people in 2025: report

AI is at the peak of development beyond tools for robot companions, according to AI expert Catriona Wallace.

ServiceNow has partnered with Wallace to publish a report exploring the technology trends and cultural changes that are expected to influence Australian workplaces over the next 10 years.

According to the report, widespread digital assistants will be used in all workplaces in Australia by early 2025, where digital employees are considered smart, valuable co -workers, and machines that spend more more time to complete work than people.

The adoption of AI in the workplace will also result in the emergence of a hyper-personalization trend for both employees and customers, where workers prioritize self-care and devoting ‘me time’. more often as the AI ​​completes their tasks.

Wallace also predicts that AI ethics will soon shift from an academic discussion to a business strategy, with employees and customers choosing brands that can demonstrate ethics, accessibility and fairness in the use of technology.

Finally, employers are expected to embrace the ‘divided we stand, united we work’ philosophy, says Wallace, with a policy of ensuring employees agree on social issues such as vaccinations, climate change , pandemics and technology.

Each of these trends will be reinforced and enabled by the rapid development of AI, Wallace says. “Over the next decade, AI will become more prevalent in life and work; in fact, we interact with it hundreds of times a day, including when we’re asleep, ”he said.

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