EG Innovations Announces Complete Performance Assurance for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Service.

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eG Innovations – IT performance monitoring for Azure Virtual Desktop

Track all aspects of the user experience – logon time, application launch time, frame rate, and connection bandwidth

EG Innovations, a world leader in providing digital workspace monitoring solutions, today announced that its eG Enterprise monitoring, diagnosis and reporting solution has full support for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and multi-session technologies. Microsoft’s Windows desktop.

Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) and Microsoft’s multi-session Windows desktop technology supported in the Azure cloud allow admins to provide virtual desktops on-demand. Integration with Azure Active Directory and FSLogix ensures secure access with efficient profile management.

Since 2001, eG Innovations has been providing IT monitoring solutions to address the unique performance challenges posed by application and desktop virtualization both on -site and in the cloud. EG Innovations ’flagship monitoring solution, eG Enterprise, was developed specifically for digital workspace environments, and its technologies now support the entire IT landscape and stack of Microsoft AVD deployments.

Speaking about the launch of the AVD monitoring support announcement, Srinivas Ramanathan, CEO of eG Innovations said, “AVD adoption is on the rise, both in smaller and large organizations. In fact, our recent predictions results of the AVD Adoption Survey that 80% of organizations expect to use AVD for virtual desktops before the end of 2023. Customers can now track their on-premise and cloud-based digital workspace in constant same way, from the same way web console. ”

With eG Enterprise for Microsoft AVD, IT teams can:

  • Track all aspects of the user experience – logon time, application launch time, frame rate, connection bandwidth – using a combination of synthetic and real user monitoring.
  • Have end-to-end performance visibility of all IT tiers that support Azure AVD including Azure cloud infrastructure, Azure host pool, session host, Azure Active Directory and Azure AD connect, FSLogix, storage, connectors, network connectivity, and virtual desktops and the user endpoints.
  • Get in-depth insights to quickly troubleshoot performance issues including logon time breakdowns, user virtual channel metrics, browser URL tracking, application resource usage tracking, etc. .
  • Be proactive and accurate alert to root-cause problems using a combination of AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for Operations) technologies that support a mix of pre-configured and dynamic automatic baselining of metrics and smart interaction rules dependency -based.
  • Get analytics and insights that will help optimize the AVD infrastructure to accommodate more users or reduce costs and thus deliver greater ROI for the organization.

Key features of eG Enterprise’s AVD monitoring technology include:

  • Ready-to-go rich graphical, live dashboards and historical reports that provide tailored views for a variety of stakeholders including help desk staff, system administrators, architects and management auditors.
  • Dedicated features to support Microsoft partners delivering AVD as a managed service, including multi-tenancy, segregated view and flexible self-service administration and licensing.
  • Integration with major ITSM and service desk systems, including ServiceNow, Autotask, Microsoft Teams, PagerDuty and more, to ensure support tickets are automatically generated and closed.
  • Deployment options include private cloud/on-premise deployment and ready-to-go SaaS available in many regions for regulatory compliance.

Speaking about eG Innovations ’new AVD tracking capabilities, Freek Berson, Microsoft MVP, and AVD Evangelist told Wortell:“ I’m impressed with what eG Enterprise has to offer in end-to-end tracking for Azure Virtual Desktop. Auto-discovery capabilities, including out-of-the-box thresholds, allow for easy and quick configuration. Getting detailed insights into logon duration, application launch times and the perceived end-user experience is great. EG Enterprise is more than just Azure Virtual Desktop monitoring, with the ability to also monitor all surrounding infrastructure such as Azure, Azure Active Directory, Active Directory Domain Services and any application backend. This makes eG Enterprise a valuable addition to any organization deploying virtual desktops on Azure. ”Learn more about eG Innovations solutions for AVD at: Azure Cloud Monitoring Tools & Solutions | eG Innovations

About eG Innovations

EG Innovations is committed to helping businesses around the world become a competitive advantage and a hub for productivity, growth and revenue. Many of the world’s largest businesses use eG Enterprise to improve IT service performance, increase operational efficiency, ensure IT effectiveness, and deliver the ROI promise of transformational IT investments to the physical, virtual and cloud environments. Visit us at or on Twitter at @eGInnovations.

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