New ServiceNow Solutions Designed for the Modern Workplace

Digital workflow company ServiceNow is rolling out new solutions designed to help digitize workplace productivity challenges, including new automated service suggestions, a service request playbook and tools in workplace scenario planning built on the ServiceNow platform.

According to the Santa Clara, Calif.-based company, the new solutions accelerate the automation of complex, often offline processes for businesses and government agencies and help improve service operations and employee experiences. , customers and constituents.

New automated service suggestions are now available through Service Mapping Plus, which uses machine learning to automatically analyze an organization’s network traffic and suggest entry points for business-critical services.

ServiceNow says it enables IT departments to create a high-fidelity service map of infrastructure and middleware “with a few simple clicks,” to save time and resources while building more accurate enterprise-wide mapping and insights to help IT departments respond quickly to incidents.

“For example, if an organization’s email servers have an outage, service mapping will allow IT teams to quickly identify other systems and applications that power those servers so that teams can minimize and solve the problem easily,” said the company’s press release.

Also new is the Service Request Playbook, built on ServiceNow’s Public Sector Digital Service, which provides governments with a packaged application designed to digitize and automate the service request process and help public workers to improve efficiency and track back-office progress. The solution also gives the public an easier way to request services and track status.

Meanwhile, new Workplace Scenario Planning, part of the company’s Workplace Service Delivery, is designed to help organizations operate more strategically in workplace planning efforts and better manage spending and the office experience. Space planners can design, compare and experiment with different space allocation scenarios using a visual drag-and-drop interface before making changes to the physical office.

All three innovations are now generally available and can be found in the ServiceNow Store, according to the company.

According to CJ Desai, chief operating office at ServiceNow, IT leaders are looking to technology to help them solve modern workplace challenges and accelerate value in their organization.

“At ServiceNow, we’re working hard to roll out new features that meet the growing needs of our customers,” said Desai. “Only the ServiceNow platform has the flexibility and extensibility to work with any type of organization, anywhere, to remove complexity from day-to-day operations.”

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