NTT, ServiceNow partner to accelerate the use of private 5G

NTT, a leading global technology service provider, today announced a new partnership with ServiceNow to simplify and accelerate the use of private 5G through an AI-enabled end-to-end workflow automation platform. Organizations can now use pre-built software from NTT and ServiceNow to streamline the deployment and integration of private 5G.

To extract value from private 5G to solve complex business problems, customers need to digitize new and existing business processes to help bridge the gap between their workflow and private 5G network. Building on NTT’s recently launched P5G Platform and end-to-end stack of services, NTT and ServiceNow’s new offerings are seamlessly integrated with ServiceNow’s world-class workflow and automation software, simplifying the process. digitization. As a result, clients can shorten their time to market using the cloud-based economy and an enhanced service management experience.

Efficiency is key

“Workflow digitization is a must on any journey to digital innovation,” said Shahid Ahmed, Group EVP of New Ventures and Innovation at NTT. “By combining the simplicity, control and security of NTT’s P5G Platform with the strength of ServiceNow’s pre-built assets, we can accelerate the creation of private 5G value for our clients and the industry at large. . “

“With AI-powered workflow orchestration capabilities, ServiceNow drives the control tower for digital transformation for multiple businesses by integrating people, processes and systems to deliver powerful business results for customers and employees, ”said Lara Caimi, Chief Customer and Partner Officer. in ServiceNow. “Together with NTT, ServiceNow will bring new use cases powered by secure private 5G connectivity to a turnkey, ‘as a service’ consumption model. This will accelerate key initiatives for businesses in various industry verticals. “

“Our global clients are looking to reach the next level of customization, personalization, and operational efficiency necessary to continue to compete in an increasingly fast-paced digital environment,” said Eric Clark, Chief Digital and Strategy Officer of NTT DATA Services. “Building its workflow engine powered by ServiceNow and the end-to-end capabilities of the NTT family will accelerate the support and activation of business processes essential to private travel over 5G.”

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