Servicenow Bomgar Integration Use Cases

Use CaseExpected Result
Generate a Bomgar session key from an INC record.Using the ‘Bomgar’ UI action button, generate and send a Bomgar session key
Establish a Bomgar sessionCustomer is sent the key and installs the ‘Bomgar’ plug-in.
Initiate a chat session between the service provider and the customerService Provider and a customer can use Bomgar chat functionality to communicate.
A Service provider is able to obtain elevated rights on the customers machine for support.The service providers requests elevated rights.  The customer will be notified in the Bomgar session and be required to allow (or deny) the request.
Service provider sends a file from their machine to the customers machineA file is successfully sent from the service providers machine to the customers machine.
Service provider copies a file from the customer machine to the service providers machine.A file is successfully sent from the customers machine to the service providers machine.
Service provider is able to view remote system attributesThe service provider can view the expected system information of the machine that they have a active Bomgar session with.
A service provider can update the Bomgar ‘Summary field’ to record any notes that are applicable to the session.A Service provide is able to make an entry and have the entry saved in the Bomgar session, which will write to the ticket.
A service provider can take ‘remote control’ of the customers mouse.The service provider will ask for control.  The customer will grant control.  The service provider will be able to remotely control the mouse.
Customer takes back control of their mouseBy issuing a ‘ctrl-alt-delete’ command, the customer can take control back for their mouse.
The Bomgar session is ended when no longer needed.The session can be terminated when no longer needed for the interaction.
The Bomgar session audit log is captured and record in to the INC ticket in Service-Now.The details of the Bomgar session will be popluated on the Bomgar related list on the INC form.

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