ServiceNow is rethinking who a tech worker is in training

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Dive Brief:

  • ServiceNow plans to train one million people on its platform by 2024 through a new initiative called RiseUp, the the company announced on Wednesday.
  • RiseUp will target new entrants into the technology field, those looking to gain expertise in various tech platforms and individuals looking to make a career change, according to Cat Lang, SVP of education.
  • In an effort to expand what it means to be a tech worker, the program will focus on soft skills, including critical thinking, interpersonal communication and creativity, as well as technical skills.

Dive Insights:

Business leaders are clear: talent shortages can stall innovation, slow operations and cost money and time.

Many companies have worked to retain existing talent, especially since the number of job postings is greater than the available candidates. In September, the unemployment rate Down 2.1% as employers looked to fill 302,000 technology roles, according to a CompTIA analysis by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

With RiseUp, users will have access to more than 600 free courses and 18 job-related certification paths under a flexible program, as well as access to networking opportunities and virtual event.

In addition to the skills component, the company plans to grow its partner placement program, with an expected growth to 25 total partner hires Go up participants by the end of 2023.

When businesses show that they are willing to support employees in their next adventure through reskilling or upskilling, businesses will find that their retention rates benefited. Upskilling can be involved the workforce and create a workplace learning environment that allows employees to develop.

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